Teaching Series



Description Price PHXUT Credits
Breaking StrongholdsThere are many different strongholds in our lives that are designed to take us out. This course exposes these Strongholds and walks you through the steps to break them! $50 3
Healing Immersion CDThis is a CD that is included in the Breaking Strongholds set. It's a prayer filled CD designed to break off and set you free! $10 n/a
Ready Set Now!Put your trust in God! This course teaches you how to live in now faith on a daily basis! $50 1
Tools of the TradeEquip yourself with key tool with which to use against the enemy and to let God's glory shine through you. $50 1
Prophet and the SeerTalks about the difference between prophets and seers, and how they are both valuable in the body of Christ. $50 1
God's GloryLearn about the different facets and the meaning of the word Glory. Learn about God's glory and how it manifests itself all around you. $50 1
False ReligionsThere are many people that say they speak truth. This course exposes top religious beliefs and gives you the facts! $50 1
Love Language ProfileLearn more about your love languages and why certain things bless you more, than others. You can better bless people if you understand what the five love languages are. $5 n/a
Personality ProfileLearn more about yourself and the people around you. With this fun and dynamic course you will learn a lot about you and your neighbor! $10 n/a

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